Self Portrait of a Toronto Wedding Photographer

*hairstyle in real life may be different due to constant changes.

Meet Shelly

Shelly Spithoff-that would me. The Chinese chick that you see on your screen with my husband's very Dutch last name. This is where I'm supposed to monologue into the abyss of the internet about:

a) My passion for photography. (Which is HUGE.)

b) How I took a jump off the deep end to pursue my dreams of doing something I love. (Which I did.)

c) My general likes and dislikes. (Which are many!)

d) All of the above.

But since I find it terribly awkward to write about myself, I've created this imaginary conversation between you and I with questions that you might have about who I am and what my photography is like.

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

I like a little coffee with my sugar and cream so usually that means a triple triple. But currently I'm on a latte kick, and my go to drink is a maple, almond latte. And, yes, I am a coffee snob.

Apple or PC?

Since I'm in the arts, it's pretty much a given that I'm on a Mac. 

Fun fact: Before I agreed to marry my hubby, I made sure he wasn't going to object to me continuing to buy Macs. He's a PC dude, and let's face it, the price difference between PCs and Macs is pretty huge.

Dog Person or a Cat Person?

We have both a dog and a cat, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I love dogs slightly better.

If You Can Only Eat One Type of Food for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Burgers. They cover all the major food groups, grain, protein, dairy, and veggies, and they're just SO GOOD.

Is This Your Real Job?

Yup, it is! I quit my job in the fall of 2012 to pursue photography full time. So this isn't just some hobby or a weekend thing that I'm doing to make some extra cash on a whim. This is what I do professionally for a living.

What’s Your Approach/Style to Photography?

My approach/style to photography is a mix of photojournalism to document the candid moments in people’s lives, and a directed editorial approach for those classic, timeless portraits. At the same time I try to push myself to seeing things with fresh eyes each session to create intriguing compositions continuously. At the end of the day I want your set of images to tell a story; whether it's a love story from your wedding day or a story about the start of a new family, I want your to relive a poignant moment in your life through your images.

Why Weddings/Lifestyle Portraiture?

I'm drawn to weddings because I'm a HUGE romantic sap. I LOVE hearing your love stories; how you met, how you knew he/she was the one, how he popped the question, and etc... Weddings also incorporate some of my fave things in life, gorgeous gowns, stunning blooms, beautiful stationery, and delicious food. YUM. It's pretty much a match made in heaven. 

My foray into lifestyle portraiture started when my wedding clients continued to invite me into their lives to document big milestones like anniversaries, a new baby, and etc... I found that capturing the love and adoration in those moments fuels my creativity, and drives me to create even better images for my clients.

What Do You Shoot With?

I’m a Canon girl through and through. I shoot with the Mark II and the Mark III, and a series of Canon lenses.

Why Should I Choose You?

In addition to creating beautiful, intriguing, and memorable images for you, I’m also committed to providing you with a FUNtastic, punny experience in front of the camera. At the end of our sessions together I want you to be able to say “That was fun!” I want the photography experience for you to be enjoyable from beginning to end.

Want More Info?

Check out my FAQ here or get in touch here.