Fun Wedding Photographer in Toronto

Fun Wedding Photographer in Toronto

The bride is getting ready for her summer wedding on a June morning at her family home. She is getting her makeup and hair done. She is smiling into a round mirror surrounded by makeup palettes, brushes, sponges, lotions, creams. Summer wedding makeup is tricky because the make up artist has to make sure that not only does his or her client look good, but that the makeup will not melt. Even though it gets really cold in Toronto, our summers can be scorching and incredibly humid. At the same time the makeup artist doesn't want to put such a thick amount of makeup on that his or her client feels like she is wearing a thick mask all day and is uncomfortable. Hence the need for various palettes, lotions, creams, and other paraphernalia. This gives you a scope and idea of all the prep work that goes into getting a woman ready for her wedding day. Her friend sits off to the side looking on, again to add context to the photo.

The photo is framed with part of the bride's head blurred, and is shot over the shoulder of the bride to give the viewer the sense that he or she is the bride. it is an intimate image. You as the viewer are invited in to a ritual, a tradition, that even the groom was not privy to until after the fact. This is done to give a different take than your usual traditional wedding images. I took quite a few images from all different angles around the bride to offer a different perspective than your typical getting ready image, and this was my favourite because of the intimacy that you feel when you view this image.

The light was also perfect at this moment in time because it was natural, morning light streaming in the window lighting the bride's face. In all the other angles, the light was either casting weird shadows on the bride's face, or her face was partially obscured in a weird way so that also contributed to why this image was chosen for the final set to give to the happy couple while all the other images were culled.

The makeup artist and I choice this location for this exact same reason. There is no weird colouring from any other ambient light distorting the bride's skin making it slightly yellow, orange, green, or pink. This was the best place in the house for makeup application and also for portraiture. This is why I prefer taking getting ready images at a person's residence over a hotel because usually a residence has windows that face all directions, and you can pick the window with the best natural light to take portraits in front of, whereas with hotels and other commercial sites a photographer is limited in what natural light he or she can find. Usually there is only one window in a hotel room, and if you as a photographer are lucky it's not blocked by another building.

This was shot on a Canon Mark II in Richmond Hill which is a suburb of Toronto.

Location: Toronto, Ontario.